Another Letter to Heartland, Because I Can’t Sleep…

Amber Baer, Shannon Monaghan, Cristina Prestin-Latham, Rick Pearce and those concerned,
Central to the point of what I was trying to do… was to create a low pressure context in which local cooperative culture could’ve been cultivated… where people could find their interests inspired enough to create capabilities and engagement, to pool resources with interest, and create a local corporate culture for recognizing the ability for anyone to contribute… rather than, someone streamlining a corporate business-plan to be able to dumb-down to greater and greater degree those who come to the marketplace, the business, for employment. So that rather than engaging with one’s own labor in a meaningful, engaged way, which encourages the growth of one’s own development and ability to guide one’s own ability to contribute, in a meaningful way… we get more of the same old pattern of, [you need a job to survive, this is all we have for you, do this the way we say or f*** off and die.] A psychology and philosophy of the marketplace so ingrained in the system that you picked it up in community college and delivered it directly to my door. How else could I have begun to build an organization with this ethic, with this goal, except to offer my own life’s labors as ante, building something which engaged me with the hopes that it might engage someone else, and then someone else, and so on… without having to divulge some small part of my idea. And you took advantage of that and immediately turned it over to a national organization who would merely use it to pose as a benevolent movement, but all the while merely buying attention to sell for political clout. Which is basically what you did, revealing in micro the true intent at macro. Because that’s how human organizations work, Amber, they either encourage the empowerment of it’s members and provide the resources for them to accomplish what they must accomplish… or they subject them to a tyranny of redundant meaningless drudgery that undermines the workers ability to contribute in any kind of dynamic way because that upsets the power dynamic between worker and corporate entity. Either the worker is expendable or the CEO and upper-management can’t command the kind of low-paid drone-army that they feel will keep them in 12 homes and meaningless excess. So, kudos to you for being a clever little lying thief for the sake of a pat on the back and a chance to be behind the camera taking the shots. Just admit what you did so that I can begin to try and pull together from the mess you’ve made some sort of plan to get back on track. And if you fear repercussions at school, well first off, you’ve brought them on yourself… don’t make me continue to pay for your actions. And secondly, your institution deserves to bear some of the brunt of the blame for the situation they’ve created.
By continuing to carry this lie, you bring all those supporting you in it into complicity. You inspire the worst in those made to come to your defense. And you continue to put me through an undeserved misery and loss from which I don’t see that I have the power to recover. I don’t have much in this world, and you stole what little I did have… If you think you can handle to witness the full expression of what you have done to me… You keep on keeping on, little girl. You are going to find out how connected we all are the hard way.
Charles F Jurgus

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