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Vlad Detail

Vlad Detail

About me:

I’m a Chicago artist with roots in Oak Park and Englewood. I began working with collage while stationed with the Air Force in Turkey in the early 1990s. I’ve lived on the South Side of Chicago for many years, working on a garden I reclaimed from a once rubble-filled lot.

The collages are made from magazine paper and built on paper grocery bags.  My work is a politicized response to the world around me. I use images and words from magazines, ephemeral cultural artifacts, to re-imagine, reshape, and re-contexualize signs, shapes, and signals pulled from current events, reading, and ancient and medieval art.

My work is now showing at…

  • Lulu’s Local Eatery, 3201 South Grand Blvd, Tower Grove South, St Louis
  • Z&H, 1323 East 57th Street, Hyde Park, Chicago

To see more of my work, donate magazines, or set up a show at your venue, contact me below.

Recent past shows include:

New Wave Coffee, 2557 Milwaukee Ave, Logan Square, Chicago

Cafe 53, 1369 E 53rd St, Hyde Park, Chicago

Third World Cafe, Hyde Park, Chicago

The Daily Cup, Devon Street, Edgewater, Chicago

Gold Star Bar, 1755 W Division St, Ukrainian Village, Chicago

If you would like to show my art at your gallery or coffeehouse, give me magazines / books / ephemera for use in my work, or just let me know whats on your mind… contact me. Thanks

To contact me via email, fill out fields below.


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