Work: Done, In Progress

Current works in progress:  All collages are magazine paper on grocery sack backing.  Inspirations come from all kinds of sources.

King Log / King Stork:  I came to this story via a Romanian folktale. Though I recalled an allusion to the fable from the BBC production to the Robert Graves’ historical novel, I, Claudius… In the final episode, Emperor Claudius refers to himself as King Log.

Octaman:  Inspired in part by:

Saint Michael the Archangel: Built around the 6th-century Byzantine ivory panel.

Some completed works: 

Theodora of Constantinople and Englewood

Voevod: Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler)

The Oz triptych: The Lollypop Guild, The Poppy Field, The Wizard of Oz



Field Marshall August von Mackensen

Djustments of Instru


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