Rise of Militias… Hatebreeders / The Misfits

A Response…

These “men” exemplify a trend towards the juvenile among male culture in our society. How much time, energy and resource have they poured into this foolishness which begs what they pretend to fear… the erection of oppressive power which threatens democracy and freedom itself.

It seems to me there is a common gauntlet we must all run, which fills us with anxiety and little promise of fulfillment or security… a gauntlet we all soon learn can only successfully be addressed with an aire of enthusiasm, feigned or no. That is entrance into the marketplace. No one escapes it, we need money to live… no matter what vain pursuits you enlist to deny it’s necessity–such as, survivalist preoccupations.

Further, we all understand from the schoolyard that to show weakness is death. It is one of the many animal traits we are capable of descending to when will, consciousness and a sense of dignity finally fail us. And as with rats, when we perceive vulnerability, we are every bit as capable of bullying, beating, stealing, betraying… in a word, cannibalizing one another.

Yet rather than facing their own insecurities, identifying and addressing them directly… these men are too vain, instead they would thwart their own experience and ability to perceive, to redefine their fears. They would rather live in contrived fear of an armed threat in which their answer accommodates some action movie fantasy in which the are pitted shoulder to shoulder gun in hand against an oppressive government.

A government, meanwhile, due to their lack of engagement… is left in the hands of lobbyists serving moneyed interests not concerned with the plight of the countries citizenry, but the preservation of cornered markets and large holdings of wealth.

And these fools… in their camouflage and all male retreat… only step out of their secluded homoerotic fantasies long enough to engage in the democratic system in the most base and basic manner possible… merely to vote. And who do they vote for?! A billionaire casino owner who games the system to the detriment of working men and women… who doesn’t pay his bills, who inherited his money and has ties to Putin’s Russia! It’s so absurd a joke that to laugh requires a degree self-negating insanity.

I believe it was engraved on the largest cannon barrel to be forged at the time of it’s creation… 18th century France, I believe… ‘The last reasoning of Kings.’ But it was better rephrased by Isaac Asimov, [Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.] But in this case… the devolution has taken it one step further (or backward) … A gunfight is the first dream of boys who would have you call them men.

And to the asshole who says he worries about a [tyrant] and just wants to be “prepared”… how about fostering a little self-awareness, reading a book and becoming engaged? I know it isn’t as sexy as a camp full of automatic weapons and men dressed up in camo, but I guarantee it’d be a whole hell of a lot more effective.

He’s a Whore / Big Black & Cheap Trick (original) An Anthem for the Gaggle of Lackeys Suckling at Trump’s Anal Pucker


Washington 6

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An Anthem in Response to the Trump Administration… I Will Refuse / Pailhead

I Will Refuse / Pailhead  (my housemate pulled out this classic as an apt response to the current traitor in chief)

Born as a blank page
We must pick and choose
Our destinations and
The paths we’ll use
What shall we say is sacred
What will be abused
It’s no wonder
The world is confused
Murder and weather
Is our only news
I will refuse!

Your offer is tempting
But it’s not what it seems
You take advantage
Of everybody else’s dreams
You create the perfect picture
By dressing up the scene
Trust our hopes and lives
To your death machines
Your point is not well taken
Because that’s not what it means
I will refuse


Betsy DeVos Confirmed

Trailer for, To Be and To Have, a movie anyone concerned with education should watch to understand how far we are from where we should be.

DeVos and her program to go to a privatized charter school system and abandon the public school system can only result in a permanent underclass if it is allowed to go forward. Billionaires, it turns out, don’t generally understand what it is to work to make something of value. Rather, they only know how to steal from and sell out those who fall beneath their gaping maws. DeVos seems to have selected children as her favorite appetizer. Her policies steal the lives and potential from the children who fall beneath her influence. This is what happens when we allow professionalized machines of wealth accumulation to raise up, at best, mediocre or, at worst, people completely devoid of any sense of obligation to their fellow man, to the the status of Billionaire. These are characters cut in a pale reflection of Putin, and curiously so.

And this is happening at a time when the greater proportion of “men” are lionizing a cheat as a hero and not merely because he got away with it. A “hero” stuck in a career playing a child’s game. These things do not occupy separate worlds; they are part and parcel of our world. We need to suffer with this reality soberly until a stratagem to address this hellish reality reveals itself. We need to give a fuck.



Madness / Waltz into Mischief

Madness / Waltz into Mischief   (video posted on You Tube by evans T003)

The latest and greatest… amazing arrival
No conscience, no shame… for the game of survival
Thieves and villains… and fraudulent swindlers
Gathered in tribute… with masks of respect

A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief

The chairman is speaking… instructs the apprentice
All faces are turned… to the wizard of sentence
Years of experience… fall from his tongue
Like teardrops to puddles… they rippled among

A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief

This kid of the cowboys… of fastest deception
Writes down his kiddings… to ruptuous reception
Calls on the crowd… of white-pointed heads
To check on the carpets… while we’re in our beds

(Nelly the elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus)

A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief
A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief
A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief