Cassie Ramone (a Vivian Girl)

~2010… Done from one French celebrity magazine brought back from France by a friend of a friend who passed it on to me specifically for use as collage material.

I am always on the look out for potential collage material and the best is that donated from people who appreciate my work. There is no telling what may be useful. I can be contacted via post for donations.

This was inspired by the work of Henry Darger–an artist from my home town of Chicago. He actually worked as a janitor at the orphanage where my father spent some of his youth. I was aware of his work, but it was brought to mind by the band Vivian Girls.

This piece is intended as a gift for the lead singer, Cassie Ramone… I just haven’t had the opportunity to pass it on to her–so I intend to keep showing it till she claims it.

At the time of this posting it is hanging at the Coffeehouse in downtown Normal, Illinois.


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