Bulgarian Artists in the Capital City of Sofia Travelling through eastern Europe–early June 2014–my fellow traveler and I came upon these muralists decorating a tram car. They were two of a group of artists whose work we had seen all over the city–works large and small. We stopped and spoke with them and found that their work was encouraged by the city, that a ‘zona cultura’ had been established to cultivate their brand of civic pride. These street-cars are perhaps a grand if poor representation of the full extent of their efforts. Utility boxes, an obtrusive 2 1/2′ x 3′, appear frequently on the sidewalks–front of buildings–in spite of any aesthetic sensibility. Until, that is, these artists got at them. The number, variety and nature of these mini murals brought the street level city-scape a stride further from the slum and closer to the garden. What better role could an artist hope to perform? http://blazingbulgaria.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/graffiti-art-graces-sofias-classic-trams/


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