Evil Eye (the battlefield trophy) begun in 1996 completed 2006

2 thoughts on “Evil Eye (the battlefield trophy) begun in 1996 completed 2006

  1. cfjurgus Post author

    This was my first collage. I began it while still in the USAF stationed at Incirlik AB, Turkey. I wanted to begin making art, but I was more interested in ideas than technique and the expense of paints and photographic materials led me to consider collage. For a $2.69 bottle of Elmar’s Glue, a few recycled paper grocery sacks and reclaimed magazines gave me the materials I needed to produce 2 to 3 pieces. In Turkey the evil eye charm was everywhere and at some point it occurred to me that it might’ve been inspired by a battlefield trophy. A symbol of fascination, desire and effort rendered malignant.

    1. Amber Strader

      I was with you in Turkey. This one stands out to me the most. You are someone that I could never forget. I love your art and am envious that you are still doing it.


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