New Art Show in Peoria Illinois

New Art Show in Peoria Illinois at the Broken Tree Cafe (posted Jan 13, 2015)

My art will be hanging at the Broken Tree Cafe. Sometime in the next week my art will be put up and I plan a visit on the first Friday which is the local Artist’s new show day in the neighborhood. Yesterday, I set out from my home in Bloomington-Normal to deliver my work to the care of Jeremiah at the Broken Tree. Missing my turn-off, I was in Pontiac before I realized I was heading in the wrong direction. I called Jeremiah and he graciously said he’d wait for me to arrive. I went east on route 116 trying to find route 23 to route 24, which would take me right into Peoria–though I was nervous about the roads with the snow. In downtown Peoria I picked up Old Route 66, auspicious as route 66 ends in Chicago at the front stair of the Art Institute. I managed to get lost immediately upon entering Peoria and then stumbled across my planned last leg of the route. Jeremiah was still there and was still unaware of what my art looked like. He decided to hang everything I brought–which, of course, made me very happy. As I was leaving, I saw a young woman shoveling the snow from the sidewalk in front of the community garden next to the gas station just opposite Sheridan st from the Broken Tree. It was already getting dark and I was so excited I had to suppress the impulse to offer my help–she was nearly done anyway. It was another bit of kismit as I had spent all morning shoveling half my block–this IS precisely the kind of neighborhood in which I want my work shown. And it occurs to me that greeting the mailman in the midst of my work… I found out he had to come from Peoria as so many postal workers had called in sick in Bloomington that day–I told him about the show. Thanks for your support.


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