Betsy DeVos Confirmed

Trailer for, To Be and To Have, a movie anyone concerned with education should watch to understand how far we are from where we should be.

DeVos and her program to go to a privatized charter school system and abandon the public school system can only result in a permanent underclass if it is allowed to go forward. Billionaires, it turns out, don’t generally understand what it is to work to make something of value. Rather, they only know how to steal from and sell out those who fall beneath their gaping maws. DeVos seems to have selected children as her favorite appetizer. Her policies steal the lives and potential from the children who fall beneath her influence. This is what happens when we allow professionalized machines of wealth accumulation to raise up, at best, mediocre or, at worst, people completely devoid of any sense of obligation to their fellow man, to the the status of Billionaire. These are characters cut in a pale reflection of Putin, and curiously so.

And this is happening at a time when the greater proportion of “men” are lionizing a cheat as a hero and not merely because he got away with it. A “hero” stuck in a career playing a child’s game–that is, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots football team. These things do not occupy separate worlds; they are part and parcel of our world. We need to suffer with this reality soberly until a stratagem to address this hellish reality reveals itself. We need to give a fuck.




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