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Hurricane Harvey: Hold Climate Deniers Responsible for Lack of Crisis Response


Climate deniers and those who spend money on climate denial campaigns should be held responsible for the governments lack of preparedness and response to the recent rise in extreme weather incidents.

The ability to lobby congress gives industries and corporations, such as those concerned with energy, manufacturing, lobbying, research and public relations an inordinate amount of influence over the decisions made by our legislature. When such agendas present a clear danger to the broader community and are pressed with deliberate obfuscation and disregard for widely accepted realities… which are proven by occurrences such as the lack of preparation for extreme weather patterns which climate science has predicted… Those entities engaged in suppression of such recognition should be held responsible for their self-serving policies and their detrimental effect upon the greater society.

We need to commission an investigation to detail the funding of climate denier PR campaigns and lobbying to begin to outline who and to what degree may be responsible for the misguided application of our governments resources in meeting the challenge of climate change.