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Home of the Brave / Naked Raygun

Naked Raygun / Home of the Brave

Starin’ off in… to the night
She picks up her dreams and her bags
“I’m off to a place where life’s right”
Jeanie walks out on the home of the brave

He picks up his boots from the dust
Knocks out the dirt on the ground
Wonders about his life… and he cussed
Stu wonders what his parents had found

Broken dreams and promises
These are the things they have and hold
A country that even…
Persecuted the Weavers
Did you ever see the Weavers?


Naked Raygun / The Mule (accompanied)

Naked Raygun / The Mule (accompanied)

A brilliance under mane
Cloudy lens and subtle strain
A fury sears the vein in time
And momentum is decline
You see the man is sick
history will predict
What politic contradicts

Change in sight
The lay is right
Time ignite
Like a freak, in a beast, in the least
Hang, hang, hang

In a spiraling humanity
There’s a cycle we can see
In a throng’s monstrosity odds are
There’ll always be a mule
You never can predict the mind of a lunatic
A mind so badly sick
With strange arithmetic

(No doubt inspired by the character from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series)