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Ode to the Pissing Prostitutes of Moscow

Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love and Blacks Sabbath, War Pigs mash-up…

An apt soundtrack as western intelligence agencies begin to purge through other than official disclosures their cache of material which might otherwise render the next POTUS vulnerable to extortion.

Hail to the Piss Head in Chief!


You lackeys are so tightly wrapped around the jock of big money you can’t imagine what is laid out right in front of your face… so you narrate a rationalization for your sycophantasy.

This IS your guy… He is beholden to the the post-Soviet gangsters… He IS the kind of idiot who is so twisted and short-sighted that he would not only use Moscow prostitutes, but he would indulge in his flagrant perversions despite… as he says in response… [he knows they have cameras in those little rooms.]

And it is telling how concerned you are with “career killing” allegations on the part of those reporting, as opposed to the potential for threat to our democracy. You reveal your own motivations much more demeaned by ambition than even those Moscow prostitutes.You are an unabashed lackey looking to kiss the ass of the richest most powerful piss-head in the room. Kneel down and take what you deserve, idiot.

Further, yes, this could possibly be a hoax, but taking into consideration the public character of the person in question… it is more likely this is an effort to disclose through other than official outlets, on the part of western intelligence agencies, potentially compromising material held against the soon to be second most powerful man on the planet.

But congratulations for using your mouth like a public toilet… overmuch and for just about anything. And talk on, lackey, your piss head in chief won’t ever hear you.