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Joe Rogan Talks to Another Asshole

Former CIA Agent Gives His Reasons to Give Up On Our Democratic Society

The right never had any reason to fear a Bernie Sanders presidency… he would never have been able to do the things everyone loved to her him talk about. He best served as what he was… a straw man to move the conversation in the direction it should be going but never goes because the clout and monopoly of the public discourse on the right–where all the money and lobbying and PR emanates from most effectively.

The problem being one of the most influential political players at the lowest level of the political structure… not the individual voter, but those financially/professionally successful who are the gate keepers to lucrative careers giving pass or fail based upon a conservative perspective.Thus tainting and empowering others with the same political bias.

Bernie simply did not have an espoused platform which was realistic in office. And, he has much less experience, as does everyone else in the field of contention, with the Executive Branch than Hillary Clinton.

The president simply does not have the power people assign him with. It’s akin to the misunderstanding of corporate governance. In corporate governance, typically what is desired is not the CEO with “imagination” (= crazy ideas), but the guy who isn’t going to try and change or veer the ship into unfamiliar waters. With the POTUS it is very similar. He is like a cheerleader who plots a course and then must motivate the electorate to put a noticeable fire under the ass of their congress people. This is why the crazy BS coming from the mouths of elected officials must be taken with a grain of salt. They are there to convey the best (that is the most sensible and coherent) wishes of their constituency. If their constituency is a bunch of uneducated, misinformed, medicated, imbeciles… then guess what those elected officials are going to sound like… and those politicians are going to be that much more beholden to the corporate entities who bought their dress and brought them to the ball.

Eisenhower was a rare exception. He was at the time the oldest man to ever hold the office of president… he had already accomplished a singular historical feat in his position as Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe… and by his own accomplishments as a low ranking officer with no family connections or name to aid him, he personally dismantled the pre-existing societal pattern–which still reigned during WWI–of the command staff being comprised of members of the aristocracy rather than of those of merit. He single-handedly accomplished within the armed forces the fight so hard fought and to no avail in the civilian sector for a more egalitarian society. And as one of our wisest American statesmen, not only warned us of the Military Industrial Complex, but took measures to mitigate it’s effect and influence in the society which were highly successful. A single man had attained position, influence and with a plan he could implement to guide the ship of state out of the dangerous waters into which it was heading and onto a route which would see the creation of a middle-class who could educate their children enough and give them enough of a sense of empowerment and responsibility that they would end the next war.

Obama tried to do something in the same vein with much less to work with. His tackling of the Healthcare issue was taking on another of our domestic leviathans, the insurance industry. The insurance industry has managed to surpass the clunky structure of the monopoly with instead the Byzantine erection of an empire federation structure to the countless companies that make up the insurance industry. They have erected a structure of biblical proportions and scale to dominate our society with their narrow view of self-interest, market-share and societal obligation, a pyramid. By erecting a hierarchy of companies so impervious to challenge… market share is so solidly assured… that the only thing lost in the crumbs left to the lesser scavengers amount merely to a displacement of liability for catering to high risk markets. With this supreme accomplishment in organizing an entire industry with a guaranteed market-share… The Insurance Industry has managed to allocate unprecedented resources to and bring to bear a juggernaut of lobbying and political clout. So much so, that the industry has managed to attack the very foundations of societal thought on societal obligation that we are willing to see people live in poverty, suffering and deliberate neglect of their best interest when they are their most vulnerable for the sake of the quarterly earnings of an industry whose product is a necessity of life! The only reason being that they have grown too powerful to challenge. And yet, Obama challenged them. His fight with the insurance industry over the healthcare issue was never going to be fought and won in a single set of legislation. First, and this is what Obama care was intended to do and is slowly accomplishing, what was needed is to take down the structure of the Insurance industry’s political and societal might by disrupting it’s Byzantine Empire structure… By rocking the industry back on it’s heals, Obama was merely seeking to set up the fight for the next punch… an effort which the nickle and dime carrot-top in office is trying desperately to squander.

Hillary Clinton would have been our best bet to deliver that next punch… and who knows how many others she might’ve got in before her time was up? She was the best person, in the right place at the right time… but as is often the case in human history, our collective idiocy carried the day. It seems we are determined to learn the same dummy lessons over and over again the hard way.



Rise of Militias… Hatebreeders / The Misfits

A Response…

These “men” exemplify a trend towards the juvenile among male culture in our society. How much time, energy and resource have they poured into this foolishness which begs what they pretend to fear… the erection of oppressive power which threatens democracy and freedom itself.

It seems to me there is a common gauntlet we must all run, which fills us with anxiety and little promise of fulfillment or security… a gauntlet we all soon learn can only successfully be addressed with an aire of enthusiasm, feigned or no. That is entrance into the marketplace. No one escapes it, we need money to live… no matter what vain pursuits you enlist to deny it’s necessity–such as, survivalist preoccupations.

Further, we all understand from the schoolyard that to show weakness is death. It is one of the many animal traits we are capable of descending to when will, consciousness and a sense of dignity finally fail us. And as with rats, when we perceive vulnerability, we are every bit as capable of bullying, beating, stealing, betraying… in a word, cannibalizing one another.

Yet rather than facing their own insecurities, identifying and addressing them directly… these men are too vain, instead they would thwart their own experience and ability to perceive, to redefine their fears. They would rather live in contrived fear of an armed threat in which their answer accommodates some action movie fantasy in which the are pitted shoulder to shoulder gun in hand against an oppressive government.

A government, meanwhile, due to their lack of engagement… is left in the hands of lobbyists serving moneyed interests not concerned with the plight of the countries citizenry, but the preservation of cornered markets and large holdings of wealth.

And these fools… in their camouflage and all male retreat… only step out of their secluded homoerotic fantasies long enough to engage in the democratic system in the most base and basic manner possible… merely to vote. And who do they vote for?! A billionaire casino owner who games the system to the detriment of working men and women… who doesn’t pay his bills, who inherited his money and has ties to Putin’s Russia! It’s so absurd a joke that to laugh requires a degree of self-negating insanity.

I believe it was engraved on the largest cannon barrel to be forged at the time of it’s creation… 18th century France, I believe… ‘The last reasoning of Kings.’ But it was better rephrased by Isaac Asimov, [Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.] But in this case… the devolution has taken it one step further (or backward) … A gunfight is the first dream of boys who would have you call them men.

And to the asshole who says he worries about a [tyrant] and just wants to be “prepared”… how about fostering a little self-awareness, reading a book and becoming engaged? I know it isn’t as sexy as a camp full of automatic weapons and men dressed up in camo, but I guarantee it’d be a whole hell of a lot more effective.

He’s a Whore / Big Black & Cheap Trick (original) An Anthem for the Gaggle of Lackeys Suckling at Trump’s Anal Pucker


Washington 6

download.jpg   images.jpgimages (1).jpgdownload (1).jpgdownload (2).jpgdownload (3).jpg

An Anthem in Response to the Trump Administration… I Will Refuse / Pailhead

I Will Refuse / Pailhead  (my housemate pulled out this classic as an apt response to the current traitor in chief)

Born as a blank page
We must pick and choose
Our destinations and
The paths we’ll use
What shall we say is sacred
What will be abused
It’s no wonder
The world is confused
Murder and weather
Is our only news
I will refuse!

Your offer is tempting
But it’s not what it seems
You take advantage
Of everybody else’s dreams
You create the perfect picture
By dressing up the scene
Trust our hopes and lives
To your death machines
Your point is not well taken
Because that’s not what it means
I will refuse


Madness / Waltz into Mischief

Madness / Waltz into Mischief   (video posted on You Tube by evans T003)

The latest and greatest… amazing arrival
No conscience, no shame… for the game of survival
Thieves and villains… and fraudulent swindlers
Gathered in tribute… with masks of respect

A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief

The chairman is speaking… instructs the apprentice
All faces are turned… to the wizard of sentence
Years of experience… fall from his tongue
Like teardrops to puddles… they rippled among

A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief

This kid of the cowboys… of fastest deception
Writes down his kiddings… to ruptuous reception
Calls on the crowd… of white-pointed heads
To check on the carpets… while we’re in our beds

(Nelly the elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus)

A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief
A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief
A big hand, hurray! Oh come on you trustful
Let the band play a waltz into mischief


Ode to the Pissing Prostitutes of Moscow

Led Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Love and Blacks Sabbath, War Pigs mash-up…

An apt soundtrack as western intelligence agencies begin to purge through other than official disclosures their cache of material which might otherwise render the next POTUS vulnerable to extortion.

Hail to the Piss Head in Chief!


You lackeys are so tightly wrapped around the jock of big money you can’t imagine what is laid out right in front of your face… so you narrate a rationalization for your sycophantasy.

This IS your guy… He is beholden to the the post-Soviet gangsters… He IS the kind of idiot who is so twisted and short-sighted that he would not only use Moscow prostitutes, but he would indulge in his flagrant perversions despite… as he says in response… [he knows they have cameras in those little rooms.]

And it is telling how concerned you are with “career killing” allegations on the part of those reporting, as opposed to the potential for threat to our democracy. You reveal your own motivations much more demeaned by ambition than even those Moscow prostitutes.You are an unabashed lackey looking to kiss the ass of the richest most powerful piss-head in the room. Kneel down and take what you deserve, idiot.

Further, yes, this could possibly be a hoax, but taking into consideration the public character of the person in question… it is more likely this is an effort to disclose through other than official outlets, on the part of western intelligence agencies, potentially compromising material held against the soon to be second most powerful man on the planet.

But congratulations for using your mouth like a public toilet… overmuch and for just about anything. And talk on, lackey, your piss head in chief won’t ever hear you.

Trump’s Appeal is Psychological, Not Ideological

I grew up in Oak Park which borders Chicago on the west… except for a stint in the military… I’ve lived my whole life in and around Chicago until just a few years ago. There are ~13 million in the state of Illinois, ~10 of which live in metro-Chicagoland. I now live in central Illinois.

I went into the Farm and Fleet the other day wearing my Hillary pin and the kid behind me in line was openly glaring at me and muttering under his breath angrily. I said something about how I suspected the trend in micro-homes and RV’s seemed somehow to coincide with the rise of the Billionaires and the woman at the register chuckled a bit and vowed never to go back to a double-wide.

Though she was polite, I am sure she was a Trump supporter. I stopped a moment to chat with an older woman waiting for her husband and picked up the thread of conversation we had been having about Billionaires in politics, our Governer Rauner has held up a state budget for over a year now demanding cuts which would put pensions, funding for services such as psychiatric outreach, not to mention schools and educational programs, at risk. Companies have gone under waiting for checks from the state. Educators and other state workers live in a limbo of insecurity. state colleges and universities are drastically cutting curricula. And people like this woman I stopped to talk too say they are voting for Trump because they don’t trust Hillary.

Not wanting to cause any unpleasantness with this, otherwise, nice woman, I steered the conversation to an unacknowledged crisis we are having here in Bloomington. In the first 5 months of 2016, in a town of 79,000, $8.6 was spent in video gambling machines. I spoke about how one third of that money goes to the video gaming vending co. and how there are no jobs of any substance created by this business even while so much money is being siphoned out of our local economy. I was speaking to this woman but facing and projecting my speech to the lines of people checking out. I saw only one potentially attentive and sympathetic smirk at my point.

I ended with, [these business people are running a business which takes advantage of people’s hopelessness to the detriment of the entire community.] She excused herself as her husband had showed up with the truck and I said good day to her… leaving the dangling conclusion that Trump was just this sort of person. These are scary times, there is no convincing people. Trump’s appeal is psychological, not ideological.

Medicine Show / Big Audio Dynamite

Medicine Show / Big Audio Dynamite

Covered wagon medicine show
Take you to the place where the healing flows
Weak in spirit we got the juice
won’t save your soul it’ll shine your shoes
Treated king to kangaroo
Santa Fe to Timbuktu
Don’t be fooled by imitation
This is the stuff that cured a nation
We took the tube and the high plains too
Never stopped long just passing through
A drop of the laughter of the maids of France
Makes a hopeless cripple dance

It was really vile weather
When we got to tarred and feathered
You could hear the six guns sound
As they chased us out of town

In India we’re all the rave
Discovered that its great as aftershave
Dropped in the sea just off Japan
Swapped 20 bottles for an aqua-walkman
Immunity from ridicule
Improves your brains if you’re a fool
And I read in the Middle East
They traded some for a hostage release
Now if you’re bald it’ll give you hair
If you got straight trousers it’ll give you flares
Feeling up you’ll get depressed
Out of style here’s a brand new dress

It was really vile weather
When we got to tarred and feathered
You could hear the six guns sound
As they chased us out of town

The stuff we sell is just the best
Passing all consumer test
Days of heaven nights of sin
Voodoo stick and sharks fin
When all around you seems like hell
Just one sip will make you well
Multipurpose in a jar
If you ain’t ill it’ll fix your car
In days of yore for all bad feelings
Washing socks and stripping ceilings
Nowadays its used medicinally
For all known human malady

It was really vile weather
When we got to tarred and feathered
You could hear the six guns sound
As they chased us out of town

Guaranteed don’t you know
Money back?
You’ll get a no!
It’s the one and only medicine show

Medicine Show lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

The Trump Psychosis

I actually think it’s worse than these people knowing that what they are saying isn’t true… or honestly being fooled… These people are simply seeking to join a group and express their frustration and anger. I think some of them do want to feel they are on the right side, but that simply isn’t paramount in their motivations… they just want to belong and be accepted. They suffer from a kind of psychosis.

These people are suffering from serious developmental deficiencies. I think they aren’t capable of perceiving reality as clearly as the average person; likely because they suffer insecurity, prolonged injustice or even outright abuse. When a person becomes resigned to such environments or experience they resolve their cognitive dissonance of being in such a situation by simply conforming their understanding to the notion that there is nothing wrong at all.

This kind of mindset compromises ones ability to understand reality and they develop the habit of conforming reality, as they perceive it, to a narrative which flatters their sense of self and ego. For instance, they are powerless, so they seek excuses to feel anger which has the effect of granting a feeling of power; or, they don’t understand why they feel insecurity so they construct a narrative which others will accept them for so as to allay that insecurity with a sense of belonging, etc.

These people simply don’t have the faculty or will to perceive the world around them with a level of truth to which the rest of us are capable. And even among the rest of us, our ability to perceive–accurately or with a sense of what is most pertinent–varies from person to person.

There is a great BBC documentarian, Louis Theroux, he has an episode of his show which deals with the binding effect of being besieged in the pursuit of a sense of belonging: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KK-Wnv3Lxlo

(the following is an editted portion added 12/04/2016, 12/04/16)

This posting has been getting a lot of hits the past couple of days and I am really not satisfied with it… so I thought I’d amend it a bit.

I visited the small town of Stanford, Il in the past year. It reminds me of many of the other small Illinois towns I have visited. It has a main street, a grain elevator, but is in decline. Some of these towns still have some of the old buildings built when the agriculture and grain elevator was enough to bring the dollars necessary to feed a local economy. Since that time the population nationally and globally has grown dramatically. The globalization of the marketplace along with the rise of new industries have served to dwarf the relative importance of our domestic agricultural industry. These communities are shrinking and dying. And all the towns which served as commercial centers for these smaller towns have either had to develop other industrial or commercial activities or suffer the same dwindling demise.

Meantime, while reported unemployment is a supposed 4.6%–of course, not accounting for underemployment– these jobs aren’t being created in these small towns, where much of Trump’s support hails from. And how many of these people still have memories passed down of the life lived in these places before the relative decline of agricultural importance? To such people, life lived in a city–while closer to economic opportunities–likely looms as one of the lessor levels of hell.

So, it is easy to imagine how one would want to reclaim some sense of community… and to voice their anger and frustration at a single go. And it is so much easier to imagine a savior in the person of a single man making promises, than to acknowledge the crisis–in the economy–is a kind of man-made weather pattern beyond any individual’s control.

Especially when, it is our collective idiocy which prevents us from the one single act which would take us the furthest in resolving some of our greatest societal problems. That idiocy being our outrage at the thought of raising taxes… and that tax being a fuel tax.

I have already outlined my thoughts on the importance of say a ~$1.30 raise in fuel tax in another posting, but I will outline once again and address the age old argument against. A fuel tax in conjunction with an infrastructural bill to include a comprehensive revamping of the rail system–to include going to a European high speed rail gauge–would create jobs, streamline our societal footprint, encourage the kind of conservation we began to see when gas soared, deliver a hit to the worst petroleum regimes, prevent another cash grab from the petroleum industry and might lead to a dispersion of manufacturing to minimize transportation costs in favor of manufacturing closer to point of sale markets–which would help spread the profits of such manufacturing and sale to those places where goods are purchased and at the same time hobble the pace of accumulating fortunes which work against the health of the economy. More could be said on this issue…

Here is the petition…    http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/responsible-fuel-and

But the tired old response to the posit of a fuel tax increase is that the cost of everything increases along with it. This assumes that prices are fixed to their lowest possible level… that there isn’t huge profits being taken for corporate management, lending and stock dividends. This assumes the whole market is NOT over-capitalized… which it most certainly IS. Vendors seeking to enter the marketplace will need to adjust their take from commercial activity in order to maintain that commercial activity. And while there would be an adjustment period, afterwards, the recognition that a spending working class is the healthiest thing for an economy… and NOT further capital accumulations… the whole lobbying industry will be brought to heel along with their corporate patrons. We would see a sea change in political will on both sides of the aisle.

Trump minions on the move…

You need to pull your head out of your ass! Have you ever been to a petty crimes court in any metro area? Obviously not! The courts are already overwhelmed with petty crime cases. By the time you get to the point someone is shooting someone they typically have a long resume of misdemeanors, or are completely immersed in a criminal culture. To come to the point where someone is capable of taking another human life, they have already lost all sense of dignity. So far to the degree that they are desperately trying to fend off suicidal feelings and impulses. It is an id-driven self-defense mechanism against the taking of ones own life to trade on the life of another. In feeling so helpless and isolated, one seeks a position of power through the act of demeaning another person beyond their own sense of lost dignity.

I lived in Englewood, in Chicago, for many years, and I saw the pattern repeat again and again, and anyone not completely compromised by their own immersion in these communities typically only enters into them in order to take advantage of the patterns of social instability for their own gain. And then there are people like you, quietly freaked out at witnessing just the tip of the iceberg and seeking to wash your hands of your own concerns with simple measures such as, ‘incarcerate them all.’ You haven’t even any idea what kind of resources that would take or how it plays right into the hands of these illicit power-capabilities. You would step into the swing at the end of it’s arc and attempt to stop the punch with your face!

Let me open your eyes a little, jack! When managing the building I was helping to rehab at the intersection of Ashland and 55th… we would call the police to run off the drug peddlers out front and the local gang-lord would show up having received word and responded ahead of the police! And he likely kept us from suffering retribution because either we had a guardian angel higher up the food chain or because he appreciated the zealous nature with which we were pursuing the task of cleaning up the building, the street and bringing descent rental units to the LOCAL residents!

Here’s another wake up for you. Years ago there was a news blurb about the impending sale of Bethlehem Steel–just east of Chicago in Gary, In–to some dutch businessman who already had another buyer lined up to repurchase the entity as soon as he finalized purchase. Now, I asked myself–being one to think about things on occasion–why the FUCK, would someone organize a purchase and resale in this manner, of such a ghost of an entity?! Well, what happens when John “MONEY-FUCK” Doe wants to help his buddies gobble up lake side property by the block load… well, he goes into the area, which is already economically depressed, and sets the final nail in the coffin by taking one of it’s last remaining business entities and saying to the banks… hey, look at my net worth and my track record… I say this property is worth THIS MUCH (holding hands wide like he’s telling a fish story) The banker looks dubious for a fraction of a second before the nasty, wet snatch scent of money–like Vegas whores–intoxicates his reason and gives his little bug prick a full on stiffy. “Sure,” he replies, “if you say so!” So the loan and the purchase goes on the books of the local lender and Asshole sells to his lined up entity, probably looking to defer some gains at tax time or in so doing purchasing some favor from some other Money-Fuck who is looking to defer some gains–it was Trump who opened the first gaming boat in the area, I believe. So now, the banks are carrying this second loan on the books, Money-Fuck number one walks away looking like some kind of financial wizard–instead of the bent-fuck he is–and the local business lending rating sinks lower than it was before so that the chances of any other legitimate business moving into the area and helping to turn around the local economy for the sake of the descent long persevering residents get their lives and their community flushed down the shitter for at least another generation whether they sell out cheap to the next round of carpet-baggers or not.

In fact, the only thing foiling these carpetbagging-FUCKS is the local gangs… which make the place so dangerous no one else would dare move in and helping to make ends meet for those in their food-chain for at least another day. But you’re right, ignore all else, like what drives a child, because that is what we are talking about most of the time when we say gang member, to shoot another child, indiscriminately! And NEVER MIND where the guns are coming from in the first place! A hearty “Fuck You” to you sir!

 Martin Brodel  7:24 PM    Reply

and you have a nice day as well…:)
8:58 PM
+Martin Brodel That’s all, huh? No admission of your lack of thought or your being guided by fear, vengeance and ignorance? Just a pale and careless pose at dismissive superiority? You reveal your true nature… thoughtless arrogance and impotent grasping for a sense of power over an uncontrollable situation. Just like every other egotistical, self-righteous over grown child.
Well here are another few tidbits for ya…
As of 1850, only 1 billion people had ever walked the planet, living and dead… Now there are over 6 billion living all at once. WWI started because those at the pinnacle of power in the community of societies conducted themselves in deliberate disdain for the great mass of people over whom they ruled. Rather than preparing that mass for the greater role in their own societies the emerging culture would demand… they resorted to clandestine and oppressive policing and outright warfare. They created cultures of impoverishment and brutality more and more profound even as the Crowns were losing ground to the Crowds of Europe. Till all it took was an addle-minded and dying youth of hardly twenty years of age, standing in the wrong place at the right time, to fire a bullet which triggered a series of treaties that sucked all of Europe into, not one, and not two… but one long war with two separate chapters. The first chapter being that of the bumbling Crowns stumbling over one another and the second being that of the vengeful Crowd emergent. There is a telling line from a graphic novel titled, Black Paths, where in a veteran turned brawling street thug retorts to the suggestion that the war is over with… “I am the war.” I learned living in Englewood, the one thing you never do is get into a fight with someone who has nothing to live for unless he is in the act of swinging on you–and then you treat the poor bastard with as much delicacy as you are humanly capable. Otherwise, the skulls will just line up to blunt your bat till someone puts a bullet in your head. Now I know how tempting the bunker is, but just remember what that deep, deep trench did to the psychology of the soldier in WWI… and what that inconclusive strategy of battle did to an entire generation of young men. You want to do some good? Start by reading, The Brothers Karamazov!

charles jurgus

3:15 PM (8/11/16)

@Martin Brodel… Still no reply, huh?

You think your obligation to citizenship is simply demanding the system magically create a strategy around your ill-conceived gut reaction?

Let me tell you another story…

I was stationed at Incirlik AB in Turkey when we received a briefing about a Greek fighter plane having been shot down by Turkish AF… neither Greek nor Turkish military authorities or government officials would report or admit publicly that such an incident had taken place. Why? Because the leadership in both countries realized their respective citizenry would simply react without reason and demand war. This, they realized, would open up opportunities for political charlatans to dislodge their more responsible counterparts from office on a political platform appeasing the call of the crowd to go to war.

You exemplify just that sort of mindless, reactionary political constituency waiting to elect just such a charlatan.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZLkl15_d8