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Trump minions on the move…

You need to pull your head out of your ass! Have you ever been to a petty crimes court in any metro area? Obviously not! The courts are already overwhelmed with petty crime cases. By the time you get to the point someone is shooting someone they typically have a long resume of misdemeanors, or are completely immersed in a criminal culture. To come to the point where someone is capable of taking another human life, they have already lost all sense of dignity. So far to the degree that they are desperately trying to fend off suicidal feelings and impulses. It is an id-driven self-defense mechanism against the taking of ones own life to trade on the life of another. In feeling so helpless and isolated, one seeks a position of power through the act of demeaning another person beyond their own sense of lost dignity.

I lived in Englewood, in Chicago, for many years, and I saw the pattern repeat again and again, and anyone not completely compromised by their own immersion in these communities typically only enters into them in order to take advantage of the patterns of social instability for their own gain. And then there are people like you, quietly freaked out at witnessing just the tip of the iceberg and seeking to wash your hands of your own concerns with simple measures such as, ‘incarcerate them all.’ You haven’t even any idea what kind of resources that would take or how it plays right into the hands of these illicit power-capabilities. You would step into the swing at the end of it’s arc and attempt to stop the punch with your face!

Let me open your eyes a little, jack! When managing the building I was helping to rehab at the intersection of Ashland and 55th… we would call the police to run off the drug peddlers out front and the local gang-lord would show up having received word and responded ahead of the police! And he likely kept us from suffering retribution because either we had a guardian angel higher up the food chain or because he appreciated the zealous nature with which we were pursuing the task of cleaning up the building, the street and bringing descent rental units to the LOCAL residents!

Here’s another wake up for you. Years ago there was a news blurb about the impending sale of Bethlehem Steel–just east of Chicago in Gary, In–to some dutch businessman who already had another buyer lined up to repurchase the entity as soon as he finalized purchase. Now, I asked myself–being one to think about things on occasion–why the FUCK, would someone organize a purchase and resale in this manner, of such a ghost of an entity?! Well, what happens when John “MONEY-FUCK” Doe wants to help his buddies gobble up lake side property by the block load… well, he goes into the area, which is already economically depressed, and sets the final nail in the coffin by taking one of it’s last remaining business entities and saying to the banks… hey, look at my net worth and my track record… I say this property is worth THIS MUCH (holding hands wide like he’s telling a fish story) The banker looks dubious for a fraction of a second before the nasty, wet snatch scent of money–like Vegas whores–intoxicates his reason and gives his little bug prick a full on stiffy. “Sure,” he replies, “if you say so!” So the loan and the purchase goes on the books of the local lender and Asshole sells to his lined up entity, probably looking to defer some gains at tax time or in so doing purchasing some favor from some other Money-Fuck who is looking to defer some gains–it was Trump who opened the first gaming boat in the area, I believe. So now, the banks are carrying this second loan on the books, Money-Fuck number one walks away looking like some kind of financial wizard–instead of the bent-fuck he is–and the local business lending rating sinks lower than it was before so that the chances of any other legitimate business moving into the area and helping to turn around the local economy for the sake of the descent long persevering residents get their lives and their community flushed down the shitter for at least another generation whether they sell out cheap to the next round of carpet-baggers or not.

In fact, the only thing foiling these carpetbagging-FUCKS is the local gangs… which make the place so dangerous no one else would dare move in and helping to make ends meet for those in their food-chain for at least another day. But you’re right, ignore all else, like what drives a child, because that is what we are talking about most of the time when we say gang member, to shoot another child, indiscriminately! And NEVER MIND where the guns are coming from in the first place! A hearty “Fuck You” to you sir!

 Martin Brodel  7:24 PM    Reply

and you have a nice day as well…:)
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+Martin Brodel That’s all, huh? No admission of your lack of thought or your being guided by fear, vengeance and ignorance? Just a pale and careless pose at dismissive superiority? You reveal your true nature… thoughtless arrogance and impotent grasping for a sense of power over an uncontrollable situation. Just like every other egotistical, self-righteous over grown child.
Well here are another few tidbits for ya…
As of 1850, only 1 billion people had ever walked the planet, living and dead… Now there are over 6 billion living all at once. WWI started because those at the pinnacle of power in the community of societies conducted themselves in deliberate disdain for the great mass of people over whom they ruled. Rather than preparing that mass for the greater role in their own societies the emerging culture would demand… they resorted to clandestine and oppressive policing and outright warfare. They created cultures of impoverishment and brutality more and more profound even as the Crowns were losing ground to the Crowds of Europe. Till all it took was an addle-minded and dying youth of hardly twenty years of age, standing in the wrong place at the right time, to fire a bullet which triggered a series of treaties that sucked all of Europe into, not one, and not two… but one long war with two separate chapters. The first chapter being that of the bumbling Crowns stumbling over one another and the second being that of the vengeful Crowd emergent. There is a telling line from a graphic novel titled, Black Paths, where in a veteran turned brawling street thug retorts to the suggestion that the war is over with… “I am the war.” I learned living in Englewood, the one thing you never do is get into a fight with someone who has nothing to live for unless he is in the act of swinging on you–and then you treat the poor bastard with as much delicacy as you are humanly capable. Otherwise, the skulls will just line up to blunt your bat till someone puts a bullet in your head. Now I know how tempting the bunker is, but just remember what that deep, deep trench did to the psychology of the soldier in WWI… and what that inconclusive strategy of battle did to an entire generation of young men. You want to do some good? Start by reading, The Brothers Karamazov!

charles jurgus

3:15 PM (8/11/16)

@Martin Brodel… Still no reply, huh?

You think your obligation to citizenship is simply demanding the system magically create a strategy around your ill-conceived gut reaction?

Let me tell you another story…

I was stationed at Incirlik AB in Turkey when we received a briefing about a Greek fighter plane having been shot down by Turkish AF… neither Greek nor Turkish military authorities or government officials would report or admit publicly that such an incident had taken place. Why? Because the leadership in both countries realized their respective citizenry would simply react without reason and demand war. This, they realized, would open up opportunities for political charlatans to dislodge their more responsible counterparts from office on a political platform appeasing the call of the crowd to go to war.

You exemplify just that sort of mindless, reactionary political constituency waiting to elect just such a charlatan.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZLkl15_d8