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Response to ‘Penny Dreadful’ Finale

A Response to the Response…

Ok, didn’t even touch on the supposed return to God through a murder and all but technical suicide! This story’s end exemplifies just the sort of spineless capitulation to “evil” that embodies paganism, not Christianity. Christianity may have it’s share of martyrs, but these were not vainful or cowardly deaths… they weren’t fleeing from the fight through suicide!

Look at the Rus under the [Yellow] Horde… for two hundred years the king of Moscow owed his crown to the sanction of the Khan. When the Khan beckoned, the King of the Rus rode hundreds even thousands of miles to wait around amidst his warriors and tents for the Khan to deign to see him. And at the merest sign of slight, the Khan might ride with his horde of warriors hundreds, even thousands of miles to raze the kings keep and every settlement along his route. But the Rus King humbled himself to save his people and the Rus held to their church and culture. Evicted from their homes into the winter’s cold they would cut bricks of peat as they dug holes within which to shelter themselves, warming themselves with those smoldering bricks until the Horde finished their murderous sport and returned home. The Christian Rus stood their ground against impossible odds until the short equation of the Mongol life reached its logical and self-destructive end. When such Rus, as there must have been, gave into hopelessness and killed their loved ones and themselves–we do not lionize them for these acts!

This story line was a Pagan’s shallow interpretation of sacrifice plastered over the supposed adoration of the Christian Lord. It is a disgusting slur upon the true values professed through the Christian faith. Meanwhile, shows like Futurama get cancelled as weak-willed executives bend to the shallow impulses of Christ waving camera muggers when reference is made to a “Zombie Jesus.” These are slights of deliberate misinterpretation by granting gravity to the flotsam and jetsam of charlatans rather than honoring what is true and central to Christianity.