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Response to ‘Penny Dreadful’ Finale

A Response to the Response…

Ok, didn’t even touch on the supposed return to God through a murder and all but technical suicide! This story’s end exemplifies just the sort of spineless capitulation to “evil” that embodies paganism, not Christianity. Christianity may have it’s share of martyrs, but these were not vainful or cowardly deaths… they weren’t fleeing from the fight through suicide!

Look at the Rus under the [Yellow] Horde… for two hundred years the king of Moscow owed his crown to the sanction of the Khan. When the Khan beckoned, the King of the Rus rode hundreds even thousands of miles to wait around amidst his warriors and tents for the Khan to deign to see him. And at the merest sign of slight, the Khan might ride with his horde of warriors hundreds, even thousands of miles to raze the kings keep and every settlement along his route. But the Rus King humbled himself to save his people and the Rus held to their church and culture. Evicted from their homes into the winter’s cold they would cut bricks of peat as they dug holes within which to shelter themselves, warming themselves with those smoldering bricks until the Horde finished their murderous sport and returned home. The Christian Rus stood their ground against impossible odds until the short equation of the Mongol life reached its logical and self-destructive end. When such Rus, as there must have been, gave into hopelessness and killed their loved ones and themselves–we do not lionize them for these acts!

This story line was a Pagan’s shallow interpretation of sacrifice plastered over the supposed adoration of the Christian Lord. It is a disgusting slur upon the true values professed through the Christian faith. Meanwhile, shows like Futurama get cancelled as weak-willed executives bend to the shallow impulses of Christ waving camera muggers when reference is made to a “Zombie Jesus.” These are slights of deliberate misinterpretation by granting gravity to the flotsam and jetsam of charlatans rather than honoring what is true and central to Christianity.



KKK March Gets a Soundtrack

KKK Gets a Soundtrack (posted by Irina Bella on Youtube)

Original Video Removed

I saw this on WGN 9 Morning News this morning and had to post this on my site. This is a master display of semiotics at work.

Talking Heads / I Get Wild/Wild Gravity

Talking Heads / I Get Wild/Wild Gravity

Fooled around enough with numbers Let’s not be ourselves today Is it just my imagination? Is it just someones face?

Pleasantly out of proportion It’s hard to hold on to the ground Now I didn’t come to run And this is everything and gravity lets you down

I get wild, wizing up, I just can’t let go I get wild, when I get ready I can hardly talk Living lights, special lights yellow turns blue I get wild, it’s automatic and I can hardly move

Go ahead and pull the curtains Check to see if I’m still here Let me lose my perspective Something worth waiting for

Somewhere in South Carolina And gravity don’t mean a thing And all around the world, each and everyone Playing with a heart of steel

I get up, climbing out, how did I get home? I’ll survive the situation, somebody shut the door Beautiful, beautiful, climbing up the wall I get by on automatic, no surprise at all

No one here can recognize you Here is everything that you like Feelings without explanations Somethings are hard to describe

The sound of a cigarette burning A place there where everything spins And the sounds inside your mind is playing all the time Playing with a heart of steel

I get wild, wizing up, I just can’t let go I get wild, when I get ready I can hardly talk Living lights, special lights yellow turns blue I get wild, it’s automatic and I can hardly move

I get up, pushing up, how did I get home? I’ll survive the situation, somebody shut the door Shut the door, shut the door climbing up the wall I get by on automatic no surprise at all


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The imagery of the words seem to play with the enterprise of the first moon shot, or steps into the space program: “Played around enough with numbers…” (the theories and research which led to the space program) “let’s not be ourselves today…” (let’s change what we are—earthbound) “is it just my imagination?” (is it possible?) “is it just someones face?” (is it vanity, this endeavor?) But the interpretation of this experience, the words used to describe this venture might also be applied to the experience of coming of age in general—applicable to the life of the individual and the society in this instance: “pleasantly out of proportion…” (from the child’s world to the adult. In this there is perhaps a starker indication that this new, adult, world involves sex. Oh and, moon shot… get it.) The feel of the music agrees with the notion of gravity, this is not something to be taken lightly. The idea of such a modern endeavor as space flight juxtaposed with the idea of coming of age, suggests that this version of coming of age is something new and modern as well. We are entering a bigger world than our parents did when they came of age. There is something of greater gravity in this new coming of age… like space travel, the stakes are high… “how did I get home?!” but so too are the potential rewards. This is a song of wary optimism, it is inviting, alluring, intriguing and dangerous—like sex. cfjurgus

Cassie Ramone (a Vivian Girl)

~2010… Done from one French celebrity magazine brought back from France by a friend of a friend who passed it on to me specifically for use as collage material.

I am always on the look out for potential collage material and the best is that donated from people who appreciate my work. There is no telling what may be useful. I can be contacted via post for donations.

This was inspired by the work of Henry Darger–an artist from my home town of Chicago. He actually worked as a janitor at the orphanage where my father spent some of his youth. I was aware of his work, but it was brought to mind by the band Vivian Girls.

This piece is intended as a gift for the lead singer, Cassie Ramone… I just haven’t had the opportunity to pass it on to her–so I intend to keep showing it till she claims it.

At the time of this posting it is hanging at the Coffeehouse in downtown Normal, Illinois.